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Absolute Displacement Transducers
Displacement Transducers are used to track the movement of cylinders in hydraulically operated rolling mills, and in other applications where it is advantageous to measure displacement with an accuracy in the micron range.

Typical displacement sensors are incremental measurement devices; that is, they must be zeroed before operation and then report changes from the zero position. Such devices are highly accurate but susceptible to loss of reference due to shock or electrical interference. Moreover they must be packaged to survive the rolling mill environment while maintaining an extremely high level of precision measurement.

The KELK Absolute Displacement Transducer (ADT) is an absolute measuring device using magnetostrictive measurement technology to track cylinder and other movement to micron levels of accuracy without the need for pre-zeroing and with no danger of losing reference due to shock.

With packaging by KELK the user is assured of highest accuracy measurement, together with long sensor life and minimum maintenance.

Application Information

KELK offers two basic Absolute Displacement Transducer (ADT) models for use in tracking the movement of hydraulic cylinders:

  • an external version with a pressurized enclosure designed to be used in pairs outside each cylinder
  • an internal version designed to fit inside each cylinder

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