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Five Year Warranty, Consult a KELK Representative for Details

PTR3 embodies the proven reliability of KELK's pressure transducer
design to achieve a complete pressure measurement solution in a
robust package.

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The ROLLMAX Fluid Pressure Transmitter is a pressure transducer with integral processing
electronics designed for use in hydraulic rolling mill AGC control and other critical steel and
aluminum mill applications.


  • The transmitter is designed to provide the high speed of response (1 millisecond)
    necessary for the demands of modern mill control systems.
  • The unit is fully temperature compensated to provide thermal stability better than
    +/-0.01% FS /ºC over the range of -20ºC to +80ºC.
  • Excellent linearity, +/- 0.15% FS, through the entire measurement range.
  • Excellent repeatability and low hysteresis of less than 0.05% FS.
  • Digital compensation of the output signal eliminates the need for user calibration.
  • Each unit is supplied with a NIST traceable calibration certificate.
  • A service life of 10 million full scale load cycles with high reliability ensures trouble free
  • Overload capability of 300% of rated load without changing characteristics and up to
    500% of rated capacity without mechanical damage.
  • Both the standard process fittings and the custom arrangements are available.
  • The transmitter is hermetically sealed against water, steam and mill lubricants allowing it
    to be used under harsh environmental conditions.
  • The robust mechanical design and heavy duty stainless steel enclosure provide high resistance
    to shock and vibration.
  • The electronics are potted inside the stainless steel body to provide high immunity to
    elector- magnetic interference.
  • The units are provided with 6 meters (20 feet) of Teflon shielded cable, attached to the
    transmitter and terminated for screw connection at the junction box. (Other lengths available).
  • A protective outer steel reinforced hydraulic hose assembly in Buna N (standard) or Teflon with a
    stainless steel over braid protects the electrical cable.
  • Electrical signals are protected against overvoltage, transients and short circuits.
  • Built in diagnostics provide continuous fault monitoring and signaling of any problems.

ROLLMAX PTR3 5 Year Warranty

KELK Fluid Pressure Transmitters (PTR3s) have proven to be so rugged and reliable that they can be
offered with an incredible - and unique - guarantee.

The Rollmax Warranty protects KELK users not only against defects in workmanship or material but
against failure of any kind, however caused, for a period of 5 years!

This means that customers that upgrade to KELK PTR3s from lesser products can easily calculate the
savings that will accrue over the next 5 years - their cost for replacements and repairs is guaranteed to
be reduced to zero!

KELK Fluid Pressure Transducers (PTR3s) are typically chosen for installation in or near mill hydraulic
cylinders and so are offered in pressure ranges suitable for such applications.

PTR3 model is a threaded input.

Cable outlets can be either in line with the PTR3 at 90 degrees to it, to suit space limitations.

KELK application specialists can recommend the best PTR3 models for each application, as well as
appropriate electronics.