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Weighing Load Cells
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There are a very large number of weighing load cell suppliers around the world. They share a common philosophy - manufacture load cells as inexpensively as possible and in standard sizes only (so they can be sold at very low prices), stock them locally, and then replace them quickly and cheerfully as they fail in service.


For most weighing applications this practice is perfectly acceptable, but in metals producing plants it may be very, very costly. If a metal making, forming or rolling process is interrupted by the failure of a weighing system component, the downtime alone could be worth more than a thousand times the value of the load cells!

In any such applications KELK can provide custom load cells designed and manufactured according to the KELK philosophy - so good and so rugged that they will last years and years without failure. While more costly than common weighing load cells, the use of KELK equipment may be much more cost effective in the long run.

KELK applications specialists can advise whether an upgrade to KELK Weighing Load Cells will be cost effective.


Custom Load Cells

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Over the years KELK has designed and manufactured a very large number of Custom Load Cells, both for research purposes and to help optimize or automate a manufacturing or production process. Using strain gage technology KELK Custom Load Cells can be built in any size or capacity (so far from 6 ounces to 18 million pounds!) and even in the exact shape of machine components.