Standing by our name and our products
10, 15 or even 25 years from now
customers will still be using our long-lasting products

We are proud of our history of supplying quality instrumentation and engineering expertise to the world's metals rolling industry for over 60 years. Our track record proves that when we put our family name on our equipment, we are personally committed to its lasting quality.

The engineers, technicians and scientists who work for our company are focused on making every KELK sensor technically the best in the world. That's why KELK products have always worked better, required less maintenance, and lasted so much longer before obsolescence than any competing equipment. And, with our policy of continuous and unrestricted research and development, our sensors will only get better in future.

Moving forward, we will continue striving for excellence in all we do and continue our policy of constant update and improvement in our technology and new product development programs.

The most profitable metals rolling mills in the world are our best customers. Just a coincidence? - We don't think so!